Expert home unpacking service to unpack and organise your new house

Like your new home professionally unpacked?

Once you’ve moved, you face the daunting task of unpacking a house filled with boxes.  This can take days to complete and it can be overwhelming deciding what goes where. But our staff are here to help.  We are unpacking and home organising experts, who will unpack your home and get it all organised for you in just one day.  Whether you’d just like help with the kitchen and priority areas, or the whole house unpacked for you, our helpful female staff will save you time and reduce the stress of setting up your new home. 


“I am completely blown away! My partner was even trying to claim their fantastic organising ideas as his own.  The unpacking service was just incredible, I will never move again without them.  And the flowers were an extra special touch.” Deborah Hall, Melbourne


Expert unpacking in one day

Extra care for breakables including dining
settings, glassware and precious items.

Clothes folded and hung, beds made, wardrobes and bedrooms organised.

Linens folded, put away and bathrooms set up.

Living areas set up, everything away and special items on display.

Children’s rooms unpacked, clothes, toys and books put away.

Home office, garage, laundry and any other rooms unpacked and organised.

Packing boxes flattened and prepared for collection.

The finishing touch – a lovely bunch of flowers with our compliments.

Flexible and fair – just pay for what you need

  • Choose how much service you have 
    Choose as many ladies to pack for you, for as long as you need. You only pay for the service you receive at our affordable hourly rate. Easily extend on the day of service if you’d like more assistance.
  • Our minimum service is 2 staff for 4 hours 
    In this time we’ll typically pack around 36 boxes, which will usually cover the kitchen and breakables, and some cupboards or wardrobes. Our team can stay longer if you require them to pack more.
  • Simple, fair pricing, no upfront fees
    No hidden charges, no travel charges within cities (up to 50km from the GPO), no payment upfront, no locked in bookings.  We only run your credit card after we’ve called to ensure you are 100% happy with our service.
  • Flexible changes 
    Because we know that moving plans change, you can change your booking up to 48 hours prior with no extra charges.

Save yourself time, stress and

effort unpacking your home


Unpacking a new house can take days or weeks and is stressful and exhausting.

Let us help you to unpack – either just your priorities or everything if required. You can focus on important tasks like changing addresses, connecting utilities, phone and internet services, and getting yourself and your family quickly settled in your new surroundings.

You’ll be amazed by the organising expertise of our ladies, and how quickly and efficiently they can get you settled in. Let us turn your new house into your home in just one day.