Frequently Asked Questions 

Everyone has similar questions when planning to move as most people don’t move house very often.  But here at The Finishing Touch, we help people move home every day. Our FAQs are designed to answer all of your questions, assist to plan your move, choose your services and get organised to save time, stress and effort. 

Planning your move

How long will it take to pack my house?

  Packing takes a long time as there are often around 80 to 100 moving boxes that need to be packed. Breakables such as glassware take longer to pack, as they need to be wrapped and packed expertly to ensure they are safe in transit.

We can give you an idea of how long it will take our ladies to pack your whole house. However keep in mind that they are professional packers, with a lot of experience and training. If you pack yourself, it is likely to take you longer.

As a general guide:

        2 bedroom apartment/house, with around 50 boxes, will take around 12 hours of packing

        3 bedroom house, with around 80 boxes, will take around 20 hours of packing

        4 bedroom house, with around 100 boxes, will take around 24 hours of packing

Do you move furniture?

The Finishing Touch is not a removalist service, we provide ladies to pack all of your belongings ready for your removalist to transport. When your belongings are delivered by your removalist to your new home, our ladies can unpack them for you.

Can you recommend removalists?

We work alongside many of Australia’s leading, quality furniture removalists, both big and small, and would be happy to recommend one to you, based on where you are moving and the size of your move. Alternatively our staff can work alongside any removalist you choose.

Do you provide packing materials?

You can order packing materials from us, your removalist or self storage facilities. We can provide packing materials in metropolitan Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Storage King will give you 15% off the cost of materials if you mention The Finishing Touch.

What packing materials will I need?

Unless you know exactly how many boxes you need, order more than the minimum so that you don’t run out of boxes with belongings left to pack. If you have a lot of breakable items, order plenty of paper to ensure the ladies don’t run out while packing your precious items.

Can I get some help sorting my belongings prior to packing them?

Yes. We offer a Pre-Move Assist service, where our ladies can help you to sort out what to keep, what can be sold, what to donate to charity and what to throw away, as well as helping you to prepare your home, belongings, appliances etc for the move. This service is ideal for people who are especially busy, like to be super-organised or have a large number of possessions, and can be done anytime before the home pack.

Does The Finishing Touch work in country areas?

Yes. Many regional areas of Australia are covered by Finishing Touch staff who live locally. This includes areas such as Newcastle, Sunshine Coast, Geelong and more. In other cases, TFT staff travel from the nearest Finishing Touch location, and a travel charge is additional. Please see the Locations tab below for a list of all locations we service.

Timing of the pack, move and unpack

Should the packing be done the same day as the removalist delivery?

Packing takes time and is best done the day before the removalists are due to pick up and deliver your belongings and furniture. If it is done the day before, our ladies will work with you to ensure you have everything you need on your last night in your home and materials on hand to pack those last few items before the removalists arrive.

Should the unpack happen the same day as the removalist delivery or the next?

Our teams can unpack on either day – it is your choice. However we prefer the day after delivery as experience shows it is less stressful for clients with fewer workers in their home on moving day. It also provides a buffer in case your delivery or unload is delayed.

If the delivery occurs in the early morning, the unpack can be done that afternoon. If you are planning this, make sure your removalist knows that you have an unpacking team booked so that they plan their delivery to unload boxes first so that our ladies can start to unpack straight away.

If you are staying in your new home on the first night, our team can start the unpack, and set up the kitchen and bedrooms, and then complete the remainder of the unpack for you the following day.

About our services

How many staff are needed to pack or unpack a house?

A general rule of thumb is that each staff member can pack or unpack 4.5 cartons per hour. Your removalist can advise how many cartons you will have in your move. You then decide if you’d like everything done for you, or require a fixed amount of time for us to help you. Many clients choose a fixed number of hours and extend their booking if necessary.

If there is any doubt sizing your move, fill in our online Enquiry form or call our Client Services Team on 1300 367 269 and we will estimate how many boxes you will need. 

Can I choose how many ladies and hours I want ?

Yes. For example, if you have booked a 24-hour service, this can be done as either 3 TFT staff for 8 hours each, or 4 staff for 6 hours each. It could also be spread over multiple days if you prefer.

An 8 hour service is best delivered as 2 TFT staff for four hours each. More ladies for shorter time enables us to complete your unpack in one day, or on the same day as the delivery of the goods. Please remember we have a 4 hour minimum booking per person, per day.

How much notice do I need to provide for a booking?

Try to provide as much notice as possible, a week is perfect, a few days is fine. However as The Finishing Touch has over 200 highly experienced and expert employees nationally, we are able to accommodate last minute requests. Same day bookings incur a late booking fee.

The moving industry is especially busy in December and January. If you are moving during this busy time, try to book well in advance to guarantee the removalist of your choice and a great team of ladies on hand to help with your packing and/or unpacking.

Can extra hours be purchased after my job commences?

Yes. If you have booked directly with us simply give us a quick call and we will arrange the extra hours. If your removalist has booked us on your behalf, you can phone your moving company to let them know you would like more hours of service.

Does The Finishing Touch work on weekends & holidays?

Yes. A small surcharge (charged per person) is applicable for Saturdays, Sundays, and Public Holidays. Please contact our office on 1300 367 269 for pricing details.

How our service works

Who supervises the team at work?

Every job has an experienced Group Leader who supervises the work done. The Group Leader will liaise with you throughout the day to ensure your priorities are met, and you are happy with all aspects of our service.

How do the staff know what goes where?

Our staff use their training, logic and experience to decide the best place for things to go. You are welcome to tell them exactly where you would like items to be placed, however many of our clients are happy to leave it to their Finishing Touch team – it is always your choice.

Do I need to be there while the ladies are packing or unpacking my belongings?

You do not need to be there while the ladies are packing your belongings. Our staff will ensure they know what you don’t want packed, and what you want packed as a priority.

With an unpack, it’s very helpful if you are there at the beginning of the job, so that you can show our staff what your priority areas are and how you would like their belongings to be put away in their new home. Likewise at the end of the job it is very helpful if you are there so that our staff can show you how they have unpacked your belongings, so that if there is anything at all that you want changed, they can do it for you. However we understand that in some instances it is not possible for the client to be in the home while we are unpacking, and in this instance our staff will use their expertise and experience, and any direction you have given them, to put things away.

What happens to all the packing materials at the end of the move?

Our ladies will flatten boxes and collect paper while they unpack your belongings so that your removalist can take them away with them. If they have already left your house, then the ladies will organise with you a convenient place for them to store the boxes until your removalist returns to collect them.

What follow-up is done during and after my service?

We have an extensive Customer Service system to ensure we are in touch with you before, during and after your move. We will call you while the ladies are packing or unpacking your home, to ensure everything is going smoothly. Following the move, we’ll call you again to check your satisfaction with the work done and answer any questions.

Other services we offer

Do you provide cleaning ?

The Finishing Touch staff will wipe out cupboards and shelves before placing items in them, and can wash items before they put them away at the client’s request.

For heavy-duty house cleaning, we advise using a specialist cleaning service.

Do you have insurance to cover breakages ?

The Finishing Touch has comprehensive Public Liability Insurance and Breakage Insurance in the unlikely event of any problems. Our liability is limited to breakages or damages which occur when items are under our direct control, for example in the unlikely event that one of our ladies dropped a breakable item.

Any items that have been broken in transit are the responsibility of the removalist. Our staff will note any breakages and place them aside for the client to discuss with their moving company.

What other home services are available with my unpack ?

With prior notice, extra services such as ironing, shopping, and handyman assistance can be arranged by us. If there is anything you need, please ask – we are very resourceful.

Can I get the ladies back to re-organise my house after I have lived in it for a while?

Yes. We offer a home organising service to enable clients to get back that new home feeling once their house has started to look a little lived in. Our experienced ladies can come to your home and tidy and organise the kitchen, sort out problem cupboards and cluttered rooms, fold, hang and colour coordinate clothes and return linens to order. This service is charged at our standard pricing.